841 Automation Dr., Windsor, CO

Our Team

Manufacturing Design and Fabrication

James Andersen

I started this company back in 2000 after I sold my shares in another company that I had 50% ownership in.
In 2004 I started another company named Tru-Balance, LLC which is still operating today.  In fact, DesignLogic provides all the manufacturing for Tru-Balance.  I currently hold 53% of Tru-Balance stock.  I have over 50 years of engineering, design and manufacturing experience and hold over 10 patents, mostly related to the Tru-Balance product line.
In 2016, I built a new manufacturing facility which includes a machine shop area, conference room, multiple offices for sales and marketing, engineering offices and warehouse for the different product lines.  We also have a special room for 3-D printing. 
In early 2023 we will begin finishing the second floor of our building.  This area will have additional offices (I plan on moving my office up there), a warehouse area, kitchen facilities and more.  
When not at work, my wife Linda & I, enjoy time on our boat, fishing, photography and driving the Corvette.  I also have just started to become involved in Astrophotography.

Doug Dvorsky
Lead Machinist

My name is Doug Dvorsky.  I have been working as a machinist for 25 years.  I was brought up in the trade by my father who was also a machinist.  I have been with DesignLogic for 10 years.  My main point of expertise is running the mill and the manual lathe.  There is nothing I can’t make from raw material.  When not at work, I enjoy time with my son and daughter playing Legos and video games together, and spending time with my lovely wife.

Scott Skinner

My name is Scott Skinner. I have been with DesignLogic for about 10 years and have been machining for about 13 years.  I specialize in code writing, design work, and programing.  When I am not working, I enjoy cooking, playing video games, listening to audiobooks and watching movies with my wife and two awesome kids.

Steven Karsten

I Joined Design Logic, LLC in January of 2023. My educational background consists of a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies emphasizing in advertising and marketing. I also hold a master’s degree in Sports Coaching emphasizing in leadership and strategic decision making. My goal as a team member at Design Logic is to establish and maintain honest and trusted connections with current and new customers through open and effective communication. Listening to our clients needs and exceeding their expectations.

In my free time, I enjoy hiking, treasure hunting, coaching, and spending time with my friends and family.